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Tibet enjoys complex terrain and climate, so it is important to prepare suitable clothes before travelling to Tibet. Our page of Tibet travel advice on clothes More >>
Tibet is the land of diversity in culture, landscape, custom and religion. And there are khampas (Tibetan people who are from north eastern part of Tibet and q More >>
When is the best time to visit Tibet? We may get different views from different person because Tibet is such an attractive place for lot of people, presenting More >>
“Oh, I really want to travel to Tibet with all my family. But, I do worry about the high altitude illness”. One of my friends said so. In fact, man More >>
After March 14, 2008 when a series of riots, protests, and demonstrations took place in Lhasa, local government implements more strict regulations on tourism i More >>
Myth believe Tibetans were decent from a monkey and a rock-ogress, it was in a cave on the Gonpo Ri hill in Yarlong valley Tsedang(Southern Tibet), the sublime More >>
Tibet tour is the dream of many travelers. It is also a mystery to travelers who have never been there. To have a nice and safe trip in such a high altitude ar More >>
Planning a mediocre travel tour is an easy job but planning a satisfying tour is what makes our job so challenging and specialized. Not only will we trek thro More >>
History of a country cannot be understood if knowing nothing about the general aspect of the country and of its inhabitants. So here the history of Tibet plate More >>
Sichuan-Tibet Highway which was originally called Kangding-Tibet Highway (a section of No. 318 National Trunk Highway) starts from Chengdu of Sichuan on the ea More >>
Trekking Tour in Tibet is a perfect way to explore Tibet and a wonderful experience of a lifetime that you can't get anywhere else on earth. By trekking Tibet More >>
Most of us like traveling and a large percent of us would like to travel to Tibet. However, it is not that everyone is able to Tibet travel as Tibet is on the More >>

Altitude SicknessThe best time to travel to Tibet spans from April to Oct. and there are many travelers planning to have Tibet tours by bus, by train or by t More >>
CurrencyIn Tibet, you still use Chinese Yuan 'RMB', pronounced Ren Min Bi. But in Tibet people don't use coins as other big cities in China.Exchanging Money More >>
Tibet is a holy place full of miracles. Some people say that Tibet is a great paradise for tourists,where you can take fantastic photos, visit Tibetan Buddhist More >>
You'd better buy whatever practical items you need in Lhasa if you plan to travel to remote areas of Tibet. There are many department stores in Lhasa, mostly More >>
It is not a risky affair for those who are in good physical condition to Trekking Tour in Tibet. Nevertheless, having a thorough medical checkup before you sta More >>
Weather: The first month of spring does not feel like it since it is still freezing. Across Tibet, temperatures drop well below freezing at night. However, exc More >>
Misled by the bewildering amount of information on Internet, many foreigners make some mistakes about Tibet Mistake one: It is too cold to visit Tibet in winte More >>
Tibetan handicrafts have become popular around the world with the tourism flourishing in Tibet.Popular Tibetan handicrafts include: carpets from Gyangze County More >>
1. When is the best time for Tibet trekking?Tibet travel is possible at all times of year but from April to October is the best season. Trekkers may think that More >>
Weather: July and August are the two rainiest months in Tibet. It is too rainy and snowy for long hikes in the high mountains, and travel is sometimes hampered More >>
It is significant to keep healthy in Tibet when travelers are traveling in Tibet. As we all know, high altitude sickness is the biggest risk for travelers to T More >>
Tibetan people's traditional food is mainly composed of meat (beef, mutton or yak), and very few vegetables are available. Beef, mutton and yak meat are high- More >>
Clothing: For the temperature swings, dress in layers with a coat and trousers. The UV radiation is moderate because it is a little misty and foggy, but still More >>