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Can Travelers Smoke in Tibet?

Time: 2016-10-25

 Most of us like traveling and a large percent of us would like to travel to Tibet. However, it is not that everyone is able to Tibet travel as Tibet is on the highest plateau. When travelling to Tibet, we should be careful taking care of ourselves and there are certain issues we should pay attention to. Then can travelers smoke in Tibet?


You may have heard about high altitude sickness which is a common disease which may happen when people have just arrived in Tibet. And as the altitude is pretty high, the oxygen content is quite low on the plateau. So as for the answer of the question considering smoking in Tibet, it’s “yes” but, you are not supposed to smoke when you have just arrived in Tibet for your good for smoking may make you breathe hard. And you may not want to smoke on the plateau so as not to do any harm to the environment for it is such a beautiful holy region. Besides, you should avoid catching a cold. Drink enough water, keep a good mood (but do not be too excited) and have a good rest after you have just arrived in Tibet.


If you notice any of these a quick check with a pulse oximeter will clearly let you know the level of oxygen saturation in the blood. If you are lack of oxygen, do not be anxious. Temporary lack of oxygen will not do any harm to your body and disappear after adaption for a while. But if you are badly in lack of oxygen, you need an oxygen supplement immediately. You can take the oxygen in the hotel, clinic or hospital. Oxygen canisters are easily available in Tibet and can be purchased from hotels.


However, if you do not feel too bad, it is suggested to try to avoid take any oxygen and adapt to high altitude by yourself. Because there is still a long way to go, and if you quite depend on oxygen, you will find it harder to adapt to higher altitude at Shigatse, Rongpu Monasteryand Everest, which are above 3400m.