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Health Knowledge You Should Learn Before Going to Tibet

Time: 2016-09-12


It is significant to keep healthy in Tibet when travelers are traveling in Tibet. As we all know, high altitude sickness is the biggest risk for travelers to Tibet. Any carelessness may lead to grave consequences, even death on the Tibetan plateau. Thus, tourists are advisable to know more about what altitude sickness is and how to avoid it. Here, you will found some travel tips from experienced doctors in Tibet. 


Tibet is renowned as the roof of the world due to its high altitude, thus altitude sickness easily happens to new-comers. It is important to keep health during Tibet tour. The following is some health knowledge you should learn before travelling to Tibet if you wanna finish your Tibet tour pleasantly.


1. Though altitude sickness sometimes can be daunting, it is more important to overcome the unnecessary fear on the altitude sickness. You should take it easy as the altitude sickness is avoidable by proper methods.

2. During your first two or three days in Tibet, travel to a higher place after fully acclimating. Do not drink any alcohol, take shower, do taxing activities. Have enough rest

3. Have some easy-to-digest food and drink enough water to keep enough water in your body. Do not be too full for supper. No smoking and drinking. Fruit and vegetable that are rich in vitamins are helpful for overcome altitude sickness.


4. Avoid over fatigue and irregular diet and activities; do not take bath frequently so as to avoid catching a cold.

5. Change clothing appropriately since the temperature in Tibet varies greatly between day and night as well as different areas. Generally speaking, the temperature would decrease 6 degrees centigrade as the altitude increases per 1,000m, and the temperature is much lower at early morning and late afternoon. Therefore, it is also necessary to prepare a coat or light sweater even you travel to Tibet in summer.


6. Take a sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen cream, lotion and lip protector since it is very dry in Tibet and the ultraviolet ray is very strong. Some tourists would suffer from nosebleed and chapped lips at the first days in Tibet.