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Tibet travel advice on clothes in different seasons

Time: 2016-12-07

 Tibet enjoys complex terrain and climate, so it is important to prepare suitable clothes before travelling to Tibet. Our page of Tibet travel advice on clothes in different seasons will tell you what kind of clothes you should take in spring, summer, autumn and winter. 


Clothes for Tibet tour in spring (March, April and May)


Though spring is always considered as warm season in many places, most areas of Tibet in spring are still a very cold except Nyingchi area which is the lowest region of Tibet. If you make a Tibet tour around March, a Nyingchi tour with beautiful peach blossoms under snow-capped mountains should be an unforgettable experience in your life. If you just travel to Nyingchi in spring, comfortable sportswear or casual sweater is recommended. But if you want to travel to other places of Tibet, a down coat is still necessary.


Clothes for Tibet tour in summer (June, July and August) 


Summer is the best time to visit all areas of Tibet in a year as the weather is warmest in the year throughout Tibetan plateau and many grand traditional Tibetan festivals are held during this season. But do not expect Tibet is a place where T-shirt and short-pants are suitable for Tibet tour in summer all the time. Do pay attention to the mountain areas of Tibet, the great temperature difference between day and night and the strong sunlight on the high plateau. Long-sleeved shirt and long pants are recommended to avoid being hurt by the strong sunshine. Warm clothes should be prepared for travelling to mountain areas and preventing cold at night. 


Clothes for Tibet tour in autumn (September, October and November)

Autumn is still a wonderful time to visit Tibet for it is not too hot or too cold in this season. Tibet will present you an eyeful of different colors in autumn. Though it is quite cool, even warm in Lhasa, down jacket is also needed if you will travel to a higher place of Tibet, like Namtso Lake and Mt. Everest. If you just stay in Lhasa or Nyingchi, comfortable sportswear or casual sweater should be perfect at daytime. At night, a thick coat will make you comfortable.   


Clothes for Tibet tour in winter (December, January and February) 

Winter is the low season of Tibet tourism season and Tibet see fewer tourists. If you do not like travel with crowd or want a cut down the cost on Tibet tour, winter actually is the best time for you to travel to Tibet.