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What to Pack for a Tibet Tour(1)

Time: 2016-11-16

 Tibet tour is the dream of many travelers. It is also a mystery to travelers who have never been there. To have a nice and safe trip in such a high altitude area, you should know what to bring. To make your trip more convenient and more comfortable, China Highlights offers the following tips.

Tibet Entry Permit

Tibet permit is the most important thing. You should leave at least 30 days to arrange it before your trip.

Clothing: the Warmer the Better

Due to the high elevation, Tibet is quite cold even in summer. The higher the elevation is, the colder it is. And the temperature differs dramatically between daytime and night. So even if you travel to Tibet in summer, you'd better pack warm boots, a woolen sweater, thick pants, and awarm coat.

· If you want to see Mt. Everest, or other high elevation areas, a down jacketwith a warm hood is ideal.


Boots are a good choice to protect your feet from little stones and sand, as well as for keeping warm. A pair ofslippers/sandals is useful in some simple hotels.

· If you want to climb mountains or go hiking, a pair of trekking shoesis needed.

Bags: the Smaller the Better

Travel as light as you can but be prepared. Suitcases are not recommended. Just bring a large backpack and a smaller one for day trips. Ideally they should be waterproofed.

· If you want to go camping, a large backpack with your tent, etc. in is recommended, and another bag to leave non-essentials in at your hotel / with your guide. Don't forget a warm sleeping bag (at least 4-season). You could also hire a tent, sleeping bags, etc. from us or in Lhasa to save you carrying them. Arrange that before you go.

· Remember to select a high-altitude fuel stove for camping. Some fuels and lighters won't ignite in Tibet's low oxygen environment.


There are no Western restaurants in Tibet, and only a few hotels offer Western food. Bring some food you like in case you don't like Tibetan food.

· If you are going to visit remote and high areas, bring some food that can replenish energy quickly, like chocolate, nuts, and compressed biscuits.

Sunburn and Dry Climate Protection

Tibet enjoys a dry climate and strong sunshine all year round. To protect yourself from sunburn and drying out, bring a pair of sunglasses, sunhat,lip balm, moisturizer, and sun block.

· Bring snow glasses to prevent snow blindness if you're going where there is lots of snow for extended periods.


In some stops on your Tibet travel tips there are toilets. However, they often don't provide toilet paper. So, if you have to go to the toilet, bring some in your pocket/bag. 
Hotels in some areas may not provide toiletries. Bring shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and a (quick-drying) towel with you.

Wet tissues or disinfectants are helpful since it is inconvenient to wash your hands and face in many areas.