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Gyantse Dzong

Gyantse Dzong is Gyantse's town fort sitting upon a flat hill just north of the town center. The fort building rests strong and magnificent on the hill, but from various angles seems to be perched rather precariously over sharp cliffs. Wherever you are in Gyantse, the Dzong can be seen. The half hour climb up to the fort is well worth the effort and the spot offers fantastic vistas of the monastery compound to the north, the town below, and the surrounding valley. The fort is partly ruined, but there are still some things to see beyond the view. There is an intriguing Anti-British Imperialists Museum here displaying a version of the facts of the 1904 British invasion of Tibet and a major battle that took place. The British used massive firepower to defeat a much less powerful Tibetan army here and a part of the fort was blown up in the firefight.

Located just four kilometers southwest of Gyantse county, the Pala Manor, also known as Phakue Lhakhang, is one of the top twelve manors of the former Tibetan nobility. It has been the only fully-preserved aristocratic manor of old Tibet, its building structure and content kept largely intact compared with over fifty years ago. A visit to this Manor will give you a valuable insight to lifestyles of different classes of people in a former Tibetan aristocratic household. The Pala Manor we see today still has 57 houses on an estate of 5000 square meters. The maze of rooms is richly decorated with exquisitely carved beams and painted rafters.