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Lhamo Latso

Lhamo Latso means “lake of fairy’s soul” in Tibetan. Although, it is a small lake with an area of no more than 2 square kilometers (0.77 square miles), the lake is known as the Holy Lake. Lhamo Latso is an alpine lake in the shape of ellipse and located in the midst of mountains with an altitude of 5,100 meters (16,700 ft).

The lake has a special position in Tibetan Buddhism reincarnation system and is credited with miraculous potential for oracles or prognostication of events. Particularly related to the succession process of the reincarnation of the Dalai Lamas and Panchen Lamas that is stated to get reflected in this Holy Lake. The lake is said to be "The Life-Spirit-Lake of the Goddess" and attracts lots of pilgrims to see visionary images of their future with deep devotion and reverence in the lake.

The lake iced over for 7 months or so every year. When summer comes, sometimes the lake is as clear as a bright mirror. Once in a while, the lake is covered with dark clouds and the wind heaves the waves and from time to time there will turn up some peculiar sound and various unusual sights.