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The Tombs of Tibetan Kings

The Tombs of Tibetan Kings is a large imperial graveyard with nine massifs in Chonggye County of Shannan Prefecture. Scattered all over Mure Mountain, nine recognizable mausoleums cover an area of 385 meters square. And there have the largest preserved imperial graveyard in Tibet. These variably sized earthen structures are the tombs of Tibetan kings who governed from the 7th to the 9th century. Originally the tombs were of similar size and shape. They were all high, square earth heaps with flat tops of piled stone and pecked earth, imitating the early tomb styles of central China. But now, after over a thousand years of wind and weather, their characteristics have changed and some have become rounded and flat on top. According to descriptive records, the inner tomb consists of five halls, and the middle hall being the tomb where the remains of Songtsen Gampo and his two wives were laid. It is believed that statues of Songtsen Gampo, Sakyamuni and Avalokitesvara are in the tomb.