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One Day Feature Tour

We have various well-chosen private tours in Tibet, no matter a leisure sightseeing tour, culture discovery tour, pilgrimage tour or trekking tour, etc. Your tour could also be customized according to your requirements and interests, please just let us know.

1 Day Drak Yerpa Hermitage Hiking Tour

Tour Pace: Comfortable Max Altitude: 4000

Drak Yerpa hermitage, about 30km northeast of Lhasa, is one of the holiest cave retreats around Lhasa. The site is deeply peaceful and has stunning views.

1 Day Pabongka to Sera Hiking Tour

Tour Pace: Comfortable Max Altitude: 3900

Pabongka is small monastery which is built on a huge stone, trekking starts after sightseeing there, you will cross the road to sky burial site, and pass by some small practicing caves.

1 Day Yamdrok Lake Tour

Tour Pace: Comfortable Max Altitude: 4441

Yamdrok in Tibetan means the Pool of Swan, one of top four holy lakes (Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Lake, Lake Manasarovar and Qinghai Lake) in Tibetan region. The whole lake is a heavenly lake indeed because of its location roughly on the top of mountain ranges(an altitude over 4500 meters above sea level), and the whole shape of the lake is quite long and narrow, and seems like the intestines of sheep.

1 Day Namtso Lake Tour

Tour Pace: Comfortable Max Altitude: 4718

Located in the middle of Tibet, Namtso Lake is the second biggest salt water lake in China and a large lake with the highest altitude in the world. It's around 250km's drive from Lhasa.