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Trekking Tour

We have various well-chosen private tours in Tibet, no matter a leisure sightseeing tour, culture discovery tour, pilgrimage tour or trekking tour, etc. Your tour could also be customized according to your requirements and interests, please just let us know.

8 Days Shalu to Nartang Trekking Tour

Tour Pace: medium Max Altitude: 4550

Classic Shalu to Nartang trek follows the old trade route between the two great Buddhist centers. En route you will pass through a couple of ranges and peaceful Tibetan villages. This walk will give you a good feel for trekking in Tibet.

9 Days Tsurphu to Yangpachen Trekking Tour

Tour Pace: medium to difficult Max Altitude: 5400

Starting from Tsurphu Monastery-the home of the famous Karmapa Lamas, and ends at Yangpachen, this route is a good choice for those who want to get a close look at the lifestyle of the nomads in Tibet.

10 Days Ganden to Samye Trekking Tour

Tour Pace: Comfortable to Adventure Max Altitude: 5250

Trek between Tibet’s two best monasteries, from Ganden to Samye Monastery, experience the wild Tibet.

13 Days Old Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour

Tour Pace: Adventure(mild) Max Altitude: 5200

This trekking tour begins after Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse and Old Tingri,it is one of the best trekking in central Tibet to Explore Tibetan lifestyle and Tibetan Land, especially it also connects to Everest Base Camp.

13 Days Advance Everest Base Camp(ABC) Trekking Tour

Tour Pace: Adventure Max Altitude: 6340

A tour from Lhasa along the way to trekking start point-Everest Base Camp(EBC), the Advanced Base Camp(ABC) trekking tour has more difficult level than regular one, however, it doesn't require professional climbing gear or experience.