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Tibet News

The high-grade highway between Lhasa and Nyingchi is expected to open by the end of July, 2015.More >>
Tibet Airlines will begin operating two new air routes linking Lhasa with Shenzhen and Changsha in China.More >>
Mt Everest Base Camp in Tibet will reopen to tourists on July 1st, according to local tourism authorities.More >>
2014 is over, this news is about the 10 top stories happened this year. More >>
Niangben is Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts and representative heir of the national intangible cultural heritage specialized in the Regong style Thangka.Thangka painting also reflects the Buddhism culture.More >>
National 318 Sichuan-Tibet highway is considered the most beautiful road in China, which also makes it the most challenging choice for cyclist. It is even the final aim for lots of cyclist. More >>
In recent years, winter tourism is booming in Tibet. In winter, tourists can enjoy the unique plateau scenery as well as its rich religion culture. It's also a good chance to experience Tibet's various folk festivals and activities.More >>
As the weather gets warmer and warmer from March, more and more tourists enjoy amazing scenery in Namtso. Now, Namtso is one of the most popular view spots in Tibet.More >>
The local statistics showed, clothing, cosmetics, shoes and hats are the most popular items for Tibetan online customers.More >>
It is predicted that Tibet's rural highway mileage will break through 60000 kilometers by the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan period.More >>
More and more people choose Tibet for business or travel destiny also shows the improve of economic and living standards.More >>
The Lhasa-Shigatse Railway in Tibet Autonomous Region already completed in July. This paves the way for more exchanges between Tibet and the rest of China.More >>
Some images of the Buddhism believers! More >>
Some young monks in crimson robes in the Labrang Monastery play football. And young monk Soinam Gyaco studies with friends at the Gonggar Qoide Monastery in Gonggar county of Southwest China Tibet autonomous region. More >>
Located in eastern Tibet, Nyingchi is known as the south of Yangtze River with the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon meandering through. It is best known for vast primitive forest More >>
Famed for its turquoise water and majestic mountain scenery. Namtso Lake is one of the most beautiful spots in Tibet.More >>
We will keep updating about the Tibetan food recently, and today we will talk about their main food, Tsampa, for the Tibetan people they can not live without it.
More >>
There are lots of pilgrims from Tibet and India come to worship this holy mountain. More >>
The famous "rocket to the roof top of the world".More >>
Makye Ame lies in the corner of Barkhor street, it is a very famous restaurant among Chinese and foreigners. More >>
From last March till now, files for Thangkas have been built by Tibet museum, including their ranks.More >>
They found a nomad on their way back from Everest Base Camp to Shigatse by accident, and they made a stop.
This is the most exciting part for her trip.
More >>
The snow leopard population has seen a sharp decline in recent years, but with China's environmental efforts, more have been found by herdsmen and photographers in the Qomolangma Nature Reserve, home to one of the world's most-watched and vulnerable ecosystems.More >>
"Tibet drifters" is a very general concept referring to those coming to Tibet to seek their dream, spiritually, culturally, etc. More >>
Samye Monastery celebrates Surapitaka FestivalMore >>