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33000 kilometers rural highways constructed in Tibet within 4 years

Time: 2014-12-15
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From 2011 to 2014, Tibet has built and reconstructed 33000 kilometers rural highways, benefiting 1.133 million farmers and herdsmen.
Restricted by geography and natural conditions, traffic construction has long been a bottleneck to Tibet's economic development.
By taking full advantage of preferential policies, this year, 10.43 billion yuan RMB loans were invested in the construction of rural highways in Tibet, which ensures the development speed and investment intensity of rural highway.
At present, Tibet has arranged 2789 construction projects for rural highways (temples). The patency rate of towns and villages in Tibet is 61.7%.
The rapid development of rural highway not only changes the original transportation mode, but also brings wealth to the local people. Statistics show that the net income of farmers and herdsmen in Tibet is 6578 yuan in 2013, increasing 15%. It keeps a double-digit growth for 11 consecutive years.