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Files be built for antiques---Tibet museum

Time: 2014-05-20


Life-size Tibetan farmer 


Tibet Museum 


The Statue of Nepalese Princess


Located in the southeast corner of Norbu Lingka, Lhasa city, Tibet Museum covers an area of 23,508 square meters (5.8 acres) including the exhibition area of 10,451 square meters (2.6 acres). 

In order to grasp more detailed information of movable cultural relics, Tibet Museum is building files for movable cultural relics such as exquisite Thangkas and dragon robe worn by emperor of the Qing Dynasty. This project will provide better service to public.

Tibet Museum officially opened in 1999. At that time, the file building work was relatively weak. Lack of detailed files in accordance with the requirements of the modern collection management, it caused certain inconvenience to archaeological survey.

By now, Tibet Museum has combed and reorganized the original cultural relic archives. With respect to category and quantity, it plans to clean inventory and build files in principle of from big to small.

From last March till now, files for Thangkas have been built by Tibet museum, including their ranks. This work is going smoothly and is expected to be completed next year. In addition, files will also be built for clothes cultural objects. By the end of this year, all clothes reserved in Tibet Museum will have their own files.