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Makye Ame--the famous Tibetan restaurant

Time: 2014-05-23


The famous "Makye Ame"


Yogurt and sweet tea

Makye Ame is a very famous restaurant for Tibetan food. located right in the corner of the Bakhor street and well know restaurants among the Chinese visitors as it has branch restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai and so on in mainland China,

Very nice view of the Jokhang square at night and there was some nice local music playing in the background.
It is good to relax at the famous Tibetan restaurant of “Makye Ame”. The pilgrim path circling the exterior of Jokhang Temple.
There are some postcards or pictures of local people/sceneries for sale. 
This little rooftop restaurant set under a tent roof with cosy fireplace and bar has a great ambiance. The food is local, but with english menus so you can understand what you are getting. The view and the atmosphere is pretty good, overseeing the streets and even can see the sunset a little bit.