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"My ten years as a Tibet drifter" shows demographic diversity

Time: 2014-05-09


 For people who haven't been there, Tibet is remote, mysterious and inspiring. A newly launched book "My ten years as a Tibet drifter" portrays Tibet in greater details, reported.

The author Zhang Ping is a female painter from the mountainous region of Hunan Province. She left Beijing for Tibet in 2000 with her boyfriend, starting her 10-year journey there. She made friends with many young Tibet dream seekers who share her interest and determination in enjoyign Tibetan life. Around her house every dawn arrives to find her watering flowers in her courtyard and brewing yak butter tea, dressing her kids and writing her story "My ten years as a Tibet drifter"
"Tibet drifters" is a very general concept referring to those coming to Tibet to seek their dream, spiritually, culturally, etc. According to Zhang Ping, the concept is too general in that over 50 years "Tibet drifters" have come to work mostly in government run sectors such as administration, cultural and public institutions. Only in recent years as more people come to work in tertiary sector and unconventional businesses, the concept expands to include strolling singers, folk collectors of music, mountaineers, painters, photographers and writers. These grassroots make Lhasa more demographically picturesque. That's exactly what Zhang wish to communicate through her book.
Staying for so long in Tibet, She joked about her inspiration for the book paraphrasing the opening remarks of Anna Karenina, "one is unhappy in his or her own way no matter where he or she lives."