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Sichuan-Tibet highway in 60 years

Time: 2014-12-19

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Tremendous changes have taken place since the Sichuan-Tibet highway was built 60 years ago. The road, which was opened to traffic in 1954, was built by 110 thousand people in four years. Crossing multi-landforms including more than 20 mountains, grasslands, forests, glaciers and valleys, it is called "the most beautiful highway" in China. It is also a highway which leads Tibetans to happiness and fortune.

And it is also the dream route and most challenging biking road for lots of cyclist. 

Owing to the constant upgrading and reconstruction of national 318 Sichuan-Tibet Highway, traffic condition along the highway has been greatly improved at present.  

Renovation work of Tangmai to 105 track section has started construction in the end of 2012 and is expected to be completed by 2015.