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The most powerful driving force to Tibet’s economy--tourism

Time: 2014-12-18

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According to the Tourism Administration of Nyingchi Prefecture, in 2014, the number of tourists to Nyingchi is expected to reach 2.8 million and the tourism revenue is 2.6 billion yuan RMB, increasing 12% and 14% respectively. Tourism has become the biggest industry in Nyingchi.

Apart from Nyingchi, Chamdo Prefecture's tourism also develops continuously despite of inconvenient traffic conditions. According to the Tourism Administration of Chamdo Prefecture, Chamdo is expected to receive 1.2 million tourists from home and abroad and the tourism revenue is expected to reach 1 billion yuan RMB. The contribution of tourism to economic development becomes more and more obvious.
Because of these reasons, prefectures and cities in Tibet regard tourism as an important economic growth point. Norbu Dhondup, party secretary of Chamdo City, proposes to build Chamdo as the "boutique tourism area". Chamdo has not only historical and cultural tourism sites such as the Ancient Tea Horse Road and Tang-Tibet Ancient Road, but also famous intangible cultural heritages. These unique scenic spots are favored by tourists.
One of Tibet's important orientations is "world tourism destination". Take this into consideration and based on local tourism characteristics, various regions in Tibet will consider how to develop tourism industry's unique role in promoting economic development when formulating economic development plans.
According to Wangjun, director of the Tourism Administration of Nyingchi Prefecture, centered on the construction of "world eco-tourism area", Nyingchi will focus on the construction of tourism public service system.
Tourism's driving function is very strong. Taking Nyingchi as an example, it is expected that related industry's added value mobilized by tourism can be 3.69 billion yuan RMB, accounting for 38% of this prefecture's GDP. Tourism has become the pillar industry.
Statiscics show that Tibet's tourism revenue is 16.382 billion yuan RMB in the first three quarters of this year, accounting for 24.76% of Tibet's GDP in the three quarters.