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Tibetan food --- tsampa

Time: 2014-05-30


Tsampa and raw beef paste 

Put some raw beef paste on the tsampa could bring some special favour to it 


Tsampa in a ordinary Tibetan family 

 Because of the high altitude, very few crops could grow at this area. Barley is the most important crop in Tibet, it could get used to the unique geographical location, large temperature difference between day and night and extremely dry environment. Dough made from barley flour, called tsampa, is the staple food of Tibet. Tsamba, the staple food of Tibetan people, is a kind of dough made with roasted highland barley flour and yak butter with water.

The Tibetan people would leave home to do business, they often bring barley flour with them in small leather bags. 

Their daily life starts with Tsampa like some people starts a day with a cup of Coffee.