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Travel Tips

This page tells about Tibet's peculiar geological features, magnificent natural scenery, splendid ethnic culture and characteristic local customs and practices.More >>
This page introduces some most important Tibetan festivals such as Tibetan New Year, Butter Lamp, Saga Dawa, Shoton festivals and celebration date contrast.
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Now tourists can go to Tibet by train via the Qinghai-Tibet railway, from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xining and Xi'an. Travelling to Tibet by train can be a wonderful experience of riding the world's highest altitude railway.More >>
You can find recommended Tibet hotel options from budget to luxury class.More >>
Tibetan cuisine plays an important role in Tibetan culture. This page will tell you more about Tibetan Food and Drink, such as Tibetan Tsampa, Tibetan Sausage, Tibetan Yoghurt, Yak Butter Tea, etc.
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This page tells about some typical Tibetan art and culture. More >>
It is a bit difficult to answer when is the best time to visit Tibet because there are pro’s and con’s to each season. Therefore, here below are some useful advices about the plateau weather which you might be interested in before you go.More >>
The high altitude and people's reaction to it is one of the difficulties to travel to Tibet. But it is not so serious as you imagined if you know it and get prepared for it. Below are some basic knowledge for avoiding the altitude sickness. More >>
With unique culture and religion, Tibetans have different ways of behavior in many aspects. There is an old saying: "Sing the local songs when you get to a local place." So please keep in mind the following tips to make you behave well. More >>
As a rule, travel light. Heavy baggage will weaken you on the plateau. Carrying a light pack will ease your trip, make it more comfortable and let you fully enjoy the pleasures of travel. Our Packing Checklist goes over the essentials that are worth bringing from home. More >>