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Train to Tibet

Train to Tibet

Now tourists can go to Tibet by train via the Qinghai-Tibet railway, from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xining and Xi'an. Travelling to Tibet by train can be a wonderful experience of riding the world's highest altitude railway. The whole Tibet train journey is full of countless breathtaking scenery. There are 45 stations along the 1972 km long Qinghai-Tibet railway from Xining to Lhasa and every station has unique scenery.

To provide travelers better opportunity to enjoy the stunningly beautiful scenery on that way, scenery-viewing platforms have been set up at nine stations, which include: Yuzhu Peak Station, Chumaer River, Tuotuo River, Buqiangge, Tanggula Mountain, Lake Namtso, Nagqu, Damshung, Yambajan. The train will stay for around 15 minutes in each station.

Tibet Train Route

Tibet Train Destination & Price

Train Line Distance(km) Ticket Prices
Duration First Class Sleeper Second Class Sleeper
Beijing West-Lhasa 3761 43hrs 40min CNY1186/USD191 CNY763/USD123
Shanghai-Lhasa 4373 48hrs 39min CNY1311/USD211 CNY842/USD136
Guangzhou-Lhasa 4980 55hrs 01min CNY1526/USD246 CNY919/USD148
Chengdu-Lhasa 3360 43hrs 40min CNY1101/USD178 CNY709/USD114
Chongqing-Lhasa 3641 44hrs 58min CNY1165/USD188 CNY751/USD121
Xi’an-Lhasa 2864 34hrs around CNY1006/USD162 CNY648/USD105
Xining-Lhasa 1960 24hrs around CNY794/USD126 CNY511/USD82

Note: All the information is subject to change according to the ministry of railways, please check with us for real-time data.

Tibet Train Facts & FAQs

Qinghai-Tibet Train Soft Sleeper Compartment Hard Sleeper Compartment Dining Room
Washroom Toilet Oxygen Supply Tibet Train FAQs